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Black Friday 2023

Decoding Black November 2023

Explore the insights of Black November 2023 across South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria

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Prepare for a successful Black Friday 2022 

Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner, and while businesses are trying to prepare themselves...

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PayU guide for 3DS authentication

On September 14, 2019, the new requirements and enforcement of the Strong Customer Authentication ...

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Going global – the e-Commerce era

Emerging markets offer a multitude of opportunities for global online merchants, however, having l...

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The truth about blockchain

Blockchain certainly conjures images of a positive future. But time and education will play a huge...

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PayU shares the key to global growth

PayU is operating in a fintech market that is characterized by a frenzy of startup activity. As it...

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The future of digital lending

PayU Global Head of Data Science and Credit Risk David Lin recently spoke to The Fintech Times abo...

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The future of payments partnerships

It's clear to see that partnerships between retailers or platforms and payment service providers w...

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The black weekend boom

Here at PayU, we made sure we were ready for the big peaks in online transactions we expected to s...

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Enter the fruitful Indian market without a local entity...

India is witnessing massive digital payments revolution, having seen a 300% y-o-y growth 2017. Nev...

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Seizing the remittance opportunity in high growth marke...

PayU's most recent investment in Remitly enables remittances from the US, UK and Canada to all ove...

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Revolutionizing fintech in 2018

The dynamics of FinTech will greatly evolve as technology advances. As traditional financial insti...

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