Understanding prosperity

As we realise the global impact our work has, we need to continually rise to the challenge of financial inclusion and education. This report proves that the concept of prosperity means something different to individuals across different markets.

Throughout this report, we unearthed views on what it means to be prosperous and looked at how access to different financial services impacts views.



Key findings

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Over 75% of respondents believe that financial services can help people plan for future prosperity.

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60% of respondents feel financial services have already helped them to become more prosperous.

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50% of people surveyed believe you cannot be prosperous without access to financial services.

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For over 30% of respondents ‘good health for friends and family’ is key for ‘prosperity’.

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Only 25% of respondents feel that ‘being wealthy’ in itself is necessary for prosperity.

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Nearly one in ten respondents declare that they don’t have access to any major financial service.

What did the 10,000 people we surveyed say?

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Global Prosperity Map